An Adventurer's Queue

A short and sweet recommendation for the day you crave an adventure.... from the comfort of your sofa. 


Over the weekend, I stumbled across a new documentary on Netflix: Expedition Happiness. If you have caught the travel bug, delight in the wonders of our planet, or enjoy stories that don’t paint the world in pure gold, but reveal equally the ups and downs of any journey, you will love this flick captured by a filmmaker and his singer/songwriter girlfriend. Not only did the movie cure a portion of my insatiable wanderlust, but it also allowed me to sink my feet deeper into a place called home. (Neither of these are an easy feat.)
Their trip was beautiful and messy, filled with expansive landscapes, tight spaces, unlikely connections, and moments of fear and sadness. I loved every bit of it. Without giving too much away, I’ll mention that my boyfriend Mitch enjoyed the film, as well, though his background in filmmaking and photography left him unsurprised by the travel story’s pattern and summation. In short, many travelogue themes have stark similarities. My response was, “Well, isn’t this the metaphor of life?”
Looking ahead, we each have a similar and pending destiny. A Ram Dass quote comes to mind: “We’re all just walking each other home”. The trek Dass is referring to gives us a short and sweet time period for life’s greatest adventures – with the ups and the downs.
If you are looking for something to add to your watch list, I highly recommend putting Expedition Happiness in your queue.
If you are searching for music that leaves you feeling wind on your face, listen to the album singer/songwriter “Mogli” created on this trip. Her music is played throughout the film and it makes you feel like you are right there – taking a deep breath of woodsy pine, or bouncing joyfully from rock to rock across a rippling river. Start with her song Alaska.
Let’s kick off the week and enjoy today’s adventures, however seemingly small and insignificant. They will eventually be the tiny pictures that make up the grand mosaic of our life.

Author's Note: If you have any recommendations for me, I'm all ears! Seriously, my queue is empty and I love new artist suggestions. Ready, set, go!

(Speaking of adventures, I recently returned from winter camping in Yosemite. If you’d like to read my travel story, or hear about why this season is the best time to visit our stunning National Parks, click here. Warning: pretty pictures of a snow-capped Half Dome may cause dizziness, wanderlust, and the urge to jump into your car and hit the road. Enjoy!)

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