Words for Hire.

website copy

Think of your website like a handshake – the first impression of your brand. Don’t do the whole limp-hand-palm-down thing. (Am I supposed to kiss it? Shake it? Resuscitate it? I’m not sure…) Let’s make this first impression count. You and I chat about your company/brand/product/offering. We also discuss your audience and how you’d like to speak to them, connect with them, inspire them, and take them on a journey. Your website materializes. Your ideal client is stoked to find you. Shake, shake. Nice to meet you, Mr./Mrs. Awesome.

check out maha winery’s earthy, rich, ethereal vibes here.


Do you really want to waste precious hours – every. single. week. – compiling emails? Wouldn't you prefer to be working on your business rather than in it? I've got an idea– I'll do them for you. 'Cuz I am willing to waste those precious hours. Heck, I'll even enjoy 'em! Newsletters are the best way to keep in touch with your community. Why? Email is the only communication platform solely in your hands. (i.e. What if Facebook or Instagram disappear tomorrow? And those ever-changing algorithms… Ugh.) Give your audience valuable content they’re excited to open, read and share. That way, when you have something rad to offer, they’ll already be opening and clicking… and then jumping onboard!


While I’m at it, here’s one more. aaaaand another (I really couldn’t decide).


You are the visionary. Keep working on your big ideas and save your creative energy for where it counts. I'll support your vision– and give you several hours back each month– by creating engaging blog posts to inspire and communicate with your readers. In this age of accessibility, anybody and everybody can blog (and there is a lot of noise out there). Stand apart. Share stories that make your reader feel connected to a living, breathing, value-based brand.  


Let’s plump your copy, like an Easter Peep in a microwave. Hand over your finished or drafted projects and I’ll take my favorite pen to ‘em. This is a great option if you want copywriting help but aren’t ready hand over the reins – or if you’re on a tight budget (yay for boot-strap startups!). If you desire extra hand-holding, I’d love to “consult” on your work. I’ll make actionable notes, edits and suggestions to help you connect with your ideal audience.


If you have a print or online magazine that offers readers intelligent, value-driven articles, let's chat.  Personal growth, travel, fitness, wellness, yoga, lifestyle and noms are my jam. 

See the articles I've written for Darling, here. 


Take me on the road with your brand or magazine. There are two things you should know: 1. I'm a sub-par navigator. 2. A custom illustration hangs on my bedroom wall that says, "Only Do Epic Shit." Let's get on with it. 

to see the Corona Extra travel campaign, head here. 

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Dreaming up something wild for your brand, website or store? Let's switch the copy from "take 'n bake" pizza status to artisan, wood-fired deliciousness, chock full of all the best ingredients. I'm talking roasted garlic, charred jalapenos, goat cheese, arugula... hell, maybe even a stuffed crust.