One Plus One Equals Getting Sh*t Done


Lately, I’ve been itching for more clarity, direction, and simplicity. With so many passion projects on the go – in addition to paying “da bills” – I’ve been moving a millimeter in a thousand directions. I picture a hopeful, though chubby and sluggish, amoeba (remember those from science class?). But she’s blue and sparkly, which makes her cuter than her transparent and blobbish counterparts.
Luckily, around the time when I realized I had too many projections and nothing to show, I met a cool gal named Erika who was in a similar boat. Since then, she and I have become fast friends as well as “accountability buddies”. We check in with each other, often meeting weekly, and inspire one another to stick to the “big stuff”.
For example, just the other week I was debating over filming my yoga sequences for the web, or diving into writing a book – which would surely suck up all of my free time, indefinitely. She smartly replied with something to the extent of, “Film your sequences first; it’s about the little wins. Check them off the list so they don’t continue to pester you. Then you can put pen to paper and write your book with a clear head.”
So brilliant.
Having an accountability buddy is proving to be an incredible asset for a sparkly little amoeba like me. When you hesitate and look over your shoulder, you see them standing there behind you motioning, Go ahead, you got this! Or, No, don’t go that way – keep your eye on the prize! I imagine the partnership is just as powerful if you find yourself on the other end of the spectrum – you need a gentle push or a swift kick in the booty to gain momentum in any direction. Your mate can provide both the nudges and karate chops.
When talking about productivity, goals, or passion projects, there’s a phrase I recently heard called  “champagne moments”. I completely fell in love with this metaphor and it’s changed how I set goals each week. A champagne moment is something you would like to accomplish that, once complete, will make you feel like popping a bottle of bubbly to celebrate. It can be a daunting to-do list item like purging the garage, an action like getting back in the gym, a project like writing your first blog post or launching your website, etc. The items need to be a touch audacious, but doable if you plan appropriately and stay focused (i.e. you probably wouldn’t be celebrating if you ticked a measly checkbox).
I’m curious – do you have a champagne moment in mind for this week, or this month? 
If the answer is a yes, if there is something you are itching to do (or if you’re like me and there are a million things you want to do, but you need someone to keep you honest and focused), it's time to find an accountability buddy. The people closest to us (partners, siblings, parents, best friends…) are often too close. Sometimes their opinions about what we should or shouldn’t do cloud their support. So, if you find yourself chatting with someone who is in a similar boat, don’t be shy! Hitch your canoes together and help each other down the rapids.  
Once you buddy up, be straightforward in your requests and your desired level of support. For example, do you need a text every Monday morning so you get your booty to that spin class? Do you need to email your buddy a list of reasons why you want to accomplish x, y, or z, so you can get clear and stay focused? Or do you want a check-in once a week to make sure you are journaling/meditating/working on that side business you’re getting ready to launch?

All of the above? Me too...
If you're still twiddling your thumbs, send me an email or leave a note below and tell me your champagne moment. Why? Because I have personally found immense value in having a kindred spirit who knows where I want to go and, more importantly, why it means so much to me.

Go ahead, put it out into the universe. Let's help you accomplish dat thing.

P.S. Do you have over-achieving friends? I thought so. Share this post with someone who wants to go places and just may need an aide station with some metaphorical Gatorade, orange slices, and a high five.

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