for the badass, offline yogis

If you landed on this page, it's 'cuz you're someone really special – like, you-come-to-my-in-person-classes special. Or maybe you just arrived here by happenstance (in which case, total score for you). 

I recorded these classed during live public sessions, so excuse any oddities. The vinyasa class is a wee bit loud, due to upbeat music and a rowdy bunch of Saturday morning yogis. (I love you guys dearly.) If you can hear the cues well enough to keep up, let the cacophony bring you good vibes and a sense of community. 

Lastly, because you're so awesome, I included an extra gift: you can download both of these classes and use them at your leisure. Like when you're traveling or can't make it to a group class, when your 5 o'clock glass of wine doesn't seem to do the trick, or during those Monday morning conference calls (hint: mute your phone). Enjoy!


  • Prop note: blocks, a blanket, and a bolster/pillow are helpful, but not necessary. Simply omit if you don't have them nearby. 

vinyasa yoga

  • Prop note: block optional. 

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