Shared adventures, coffee dates, duct tape AND GREAT STORIES all have one thing in common–

they connect us to each other. 

hey folks.

I am a yoga instructor and writer based in Paso Robles, California. I am also a series of contradictions, which keep me readily bobbing between serenely balanced and questionably unhinged- Type-A dreamer, chatty introvert, restless homebody, clumsy adventurer. Off record, my nose curves slightly to the left when I smile and my belly button is outrageously big. My friends say I quote obscure movie lines and dance like an old man (though they seem to keep me around, anyhow). I dislike small talk, I have a habit of interrupting so I can ask a series of annoyingly in-depth questions, and I love spontaneous tea dates that throw off an entire day’s plan.


On record, I have written for well-regarded brands including Corona Extra and Wanderlust Festivals, as well as in worn, dog-eared journals, and on a glowing MacBook Pro until wee hours of the night. What I lack in verbal communication skills (heaps), I make up for through pen to paper rumination. I hope some of my stories bring you joy and an insatiable thirst for life, and that others make you feel less crazy and alone… or like you are finally part of the trendiest, most exclusive club- crazy members only, sane people need not apply.

I have taught yoga internationally from the Coast of California, up to Canada's Pacific Northwest, and all the way to Sydney, Australia (my passport and mat are readily available and rarely out of mind). Prior to teaching, I received a B.S. in Animal Science, with a Minor in Biology, from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. Though a recovering perfectionist, I still nourish my innate sense of “nerd” through continual studies in anatomy and biomechanics. Thank goodness unrolling my mat and exploring shapes without expectation puts me back in my body (while quite often serving me a slice of warm, humble pie for good measure).

I genuinely love teaching, whether one-on-one or in a room surrounded by many. My classes, workshops, and retreats are dynamic, encouraging, and uplifting- and often sprinkled with untimely dad jokes (I no longer get offended when nobody laughs). Through creative sequencing I offer students of all abilities some much needed F-U-N in their lives, as well as a safe place to laugh, fall, sweat, bliss out, and get a little funky in the process.


Life is too short to be shallow, boring, and insignificant. I hope each day you are savoring your bizarre idiosyncrasies and that you are making your mark on the world with unparalleled footfalls, artistic mishaps, and matchless strokes.

Let’s share stories soon, shall we? Whether under a night sky, with hair caked in eau de campfire, or connected via keyboards, across yawning seas. Until then...


Kacey Janeen