Shared adventures, coffee dates, duct tape AND GREAT STORIES all have one thing in common–

they connect us to each other.


hey folks.

I am a writer, brand storyteller and content creator, hopscotching between San Luis Obispo, California and the South Coast of Australia, depending on projects, mood, sunny weather, and missing mom. I am also a series of contradictions – Type-A dreamer, chatty introvert, restless homebody and clumsy adventurer – which keep me bobbing between serenely balanced and readily combustible.

Off record, my nose curves slightly to the left when I smile, I quote obscure movie lines, dislike small talk, and have a habit of interrupting so I can ask a series of annoyingly in-depth questions. I also have an affinity for spontaneous road trips and last-minute plane flights that have my friends shaking their heads while uttering, “Ohhhh Kaceyyy.”

On record, I’ve been published by EQUUS and Edible magazines, and my work has been featured on Darling and Athleta’s digital platforms. I’ve been on the road, notebook in-hand, with Corona Extra Canada for a three-month travel campaign, and am currently providing editorial content for Wanderlust Festival’s 2019 global events.

Supporting B-Corporations, value-driven businesses and solopreneurs doing cool sh*t is my jam. Through noteworthy content and thoughtful storytelling, I help brands stand apart, connect with their tribe, build relevance and foster community. In my eyes, good storytelling is the closest thing to sitting around a campfire and sharing a beer with the world.

Let’s crack one open, shall we?


Kacey Janeen