A Unicorn's Fight

Have you read “The Dance of the Lion and the Unicorn” by Mark Waller? Here is a peek into the life of a unicorn ~

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The silence was thick and impermeable. I let go of the breath I had been holding and it rolled out like a wave merging with its shore. He questioned my resounding sigh. “Words left unspoken,” I replied, with little emotion hinging on the syllables. Like a good boyfriend, he pursued. Hesitation suspended in the air until I commented on the light of the moon, which was visible from our simple, uncomplicated pillows. He chose not to address my avoidance.

We each have ten fingers and ten toes, but neither one of us are fooled. He is a lion and I am a unicorn; and so the dance begins. Lions will rage and protract their claws in the open. Their fury is effortless and exposed. On the contrary, a unicorn’s fight lives beneath the surface. A façade of calm hides storms of fear and disarray. Though majestic and powerful, I am undoubtedly a prey animal- a prisoner of my own contemplations.

It worsens in the evening, as if a lack of light hinders untangling and systemizing snarled emotions. In reality, though luminous or dim, it is a moot endeavor. And it only hampers the temptation of sleep. From the bed sheets, I try relentlessly to organize the mess of thoughts strewn backstage. What goes where? The curtain will have to come up soon.

Eventually, he leaves me to my contemplations. I curl up and let my mind spin until the funneling walls run out of surface area. Only then do I spiral into a restless sleep.

EvokeKacey Janeen